Will you do what God wants?

“So he did what the Lord had told him.”  1 Kings 17:5.

“She went away and did as Elijah had told her.” 1 Kings 17:15.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: 1 Kings 17-19, and Colossians 2.


Obedience can be easy.  It can be difficult.

By any standards, the obedience displayed in today’s two selected verses was very difficult.

In the first, Elijah agrees to go into hiding and have food delivered by ravens.

In the second, a widow, at the end of her food supplies, agrees to give a quantity of what she had left to a stranger named Elijah.

I think it is safe to say that God’s ways do not always make sense to us.  And that is the way it should be because we have almost no vision of the Big Picture.

How desperate do we have to be to believe in God?  We face trouble and instantly we call out to Him for help.

In both cases, in today’s verses, those involved are desperate.  Elijah is accused of starting the severe drought that is going on.  The widow, on the other hand, is down to the end of her food supply.

I cannot ever choose to be out of touch with God.  He needs to be in my heart/head in all of life’s situations.

The ways in which the desperate twosome were taken care of was truly amazing.  Trying to imagine birds supplying food to a human on a regular basis or food/oil being replenished without shopping for it is not easy.  God is the Master of the inconceivable!

He is worthy of my complete trust.

“Lord, thank You for today’s remarkable stories.  You are amazing.  Forgive me for ever being self-sufficient in my thinking and actions.  Forgive me for ever putting my trust in other gods including myself. I must know better.  Guide me, Father.  Thank You for the new life You gave me.  Help me to live accordingly.”

Are you really willing to do whatever God wants you to do?  See how Elijah handled the hard-to-figure requests he received.

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