How’s that training going?

“Train yourself to be Godly.”  1 Timothy 4:7.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Kings 8-9, 2 Chronicles 21, and 1 Timothy 4.

Do you want to be good at something?  Start training.

Being Godly is not a spectator sport.  It takes training.

How does someone “train” to be Godly?

A first requirement would be discipline.  There must be some schedules kept.  Church.  Bible study.  Devotions.

Another training requirement would be periodic evaluations.  Am I getting stronger……in Him?

I have concerns about my time use.  I have things that I take great effort to make time for.  They have high priority.  A day without them is unlikely.   How valuable are those high-priority things spiritually?

I constantly make mention of wanting to read more.  As I enter 3+ months in which I am no longer doing part-time work; time for reading should open up.  But will it?  None of the books I have on hand, that I want to read, are light reads.  Books by Tim Keller and NT Wright are among them.  There are plenty of terrific training insights to be found in them.  I want to become stronger spiritually and those books have what I need, to do that, within them.

“Lord, I want to be spiritually strong.  I want to be able to rightly represent You as I take part in the task of restoring the world to what You want it to be.  Open my mind to ways I can become stronger and direct my path into those activities.  I love You, Father.”

We cannot let ourselves go spiritually.  We need to regularly train.



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