How’s your hearing?

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts…”  Psalm 95: 7-8.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: Hosea 6-9, and Hebrews 3.

Hebrews 3 refers back to Psalm 95.

A while back I spent plenty of time with Neil Anderson’s, “Liberating Prayer.”  A mention in Hebrews 3 of a key verse discussed at length in that book brings it back to my attention.

I need to take note of what I think about.  I tend to think about the things that I am actively, or will be actively, engaged in.  Major events flood my mind and won’t let go.

If God is trying to get my attention through my thought life then I need to consider my thought life differently.

The Israelites were notorious at times for hearing God’s voice (“Do this.”  “Don’t do this.”) and not obeying.

Things that are in my thoughts are things that I can interact with God about.

Praying does not always go smoothly.  Distractions pop into my head and usually my concentration suffers.  Neil Anderson advocates considering those “distractions” as God invasions.  “Why not pray now about what is in your thoughts?”

It is too easy for me to rattle off a list of regular areas of concern.  Would it not be better to pray about the “thought” things instead?  Those are things going on right now.

I do not have to be in prayer to have thoughts running through my head.  Maybe those thoughts are to alert me to things I need to immediately pray about.   Why wait for a formal prayer session?  Prayer would be awfully spontaneous and more interactive if that happened, wouldn’t it?

“Lord, Your Ways are not my ways.  Forgive me for that.  I need a tight relationship with You.  Help me to turn my thoughts into prayers and get You into every mix of my life.  I love You, Lord.”

Could you imagine that your thoughts are God pointing out areas you need to immediately pray about?

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