Are you a bad actor?

“You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.”  James 2:24.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Isaiah 32-35, and James 2.

I can say that I am almost anything.  You can believe what you will.

If I tell you that I have heard the Good News and am acting accordingly, you could believe it.

Today’s verse gets into my actions as a believer.  Those actions will detail the accuracy of my admission of being a believer.

My actions WILL NOT make me a believer.  They will confirm that I am a believer.

Many in our world are certain that their actions will be enough to make them a believer.  Not so.  They need to have heard the Good News and acted accordingly.

As believers, we are obligated to act “accordingly.”  What does that mean?  The Bible is packed with ways to be Godly.  There are even stories of people displaying Godliness.

Those in our midst should be most certain that we are believers.  How?  They see us live Godly lives.  They note the small things not just the highly visible things. We can fool outsiders but not those in our immediate midst.  What do they have to say about you and I?

“Lord, I want my actions in every place to be Godly.  I must have an overflowing relationship with You to make that happen regularly.  Fill me with You.  Prick my conscience when I mess things up so that I can repent and restore.  I love You, Father.”

Hear the Good News and act accordingly!


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