Did Jesus come to earth to make trouble for you?

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”  John 3:17.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading:  Isaiah 65-66, Psalm 62, and John 3.

God was looking for a way to punish the world so He sent Jesus to do just that.  Wrong.

So many think of God as mean.  Someone who hates us.  Someone who wants to make us pay for the way we have lived.

But that isn’t the God talked of in the New Testament.

The NT God does things because He LOVES us.  He is looking to enable us to avoid trouble.

And God has accomplished that.  How?  It’s called the Good News.

What is the Good News?  God sent Jesus to earth to get rid of our sin problem.  We are all sinners.  When Jesus died it was not for anything He had done……..He was completely sinless.  He was, therefore, the best possible sacrifice.  Often called, “The Lamb of God,” He died to rid the world of sins past/present/future once and for all.  Sin lost its power over us when Jesus took that power to death.

God brought Jesus back to life and gave us a new life free from the power of sin.

When Jesus left the earth He left us with His Spirit.  We have the tools to live a Godly life.

These are facts.  This has happened.  Sin has no power over us…………..unless we give in to it.

Unburdened by sin and having new life we must live accordingly.

A God making such a provision for us is truly a God of love.

“Lord, thank You for Your love for me.  You are indeed a God of love.  Forgive me for returning to my sins.  There is no reason for doing that.  Cleanse me.  Fill me with Your Spirit.  I love You, Lord.”

Where are you getting this, “God is mad at me,” idea?  He loves You!


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