Am I sharing Him or me?

“Jesus answered, ‘My teaching is not my own.  It comes from the one who sent me.”  John 7:16.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Kings 23, 2 Chronicles 35, and John 7.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

If my thoughts are not His thoughts, why do I bother blogging what I’m learning?

It is easy to get sucked into feeling spiritually smart.  You get an insight and want to appear to be the originator.

God is not mocked.  God also does not want to share credit with me or you.

The trouble here is that sometimes the ideas presented did originate with me.  They didn’t come via God.  I made them up and since they are in this context they can mistakenly appear to be from Him.  Wrong, for sure!

I have scheduled myself to produce a daily entry and have done so for nearly six years.  I regret misleading any reader.

When my thoughts and words originate from Him they will have power.  It may not be “power” in the way I might expect but they will, in their own ways, serve His purpose.  And that really must be my goal………Get His Words and convey His Words.

“Lord, Your Words and Thoughts are what I beg for.  I have nothing of spiritual value to offer apart from those connections.  Prick my conscience when I’m sharing me apart from You.  As Simon Peter said in John 6: ‘You have the words of eternal life.’  Direct my path this day, Father.”

He has the Words we need to be saying.


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