Don’t underestimate God

“’I have determined to do this city harm and not good,’ declares the Lord.’”  Jeremiah 21:10.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Jeremiah 21,24,27, Psalm 118, and 1 John 2.

God is not out of touch.  He knows what’s going on.

In this verse, the “city” referred to is Jerusalem.

Jeremiah had prophesized over and over again to the people of Jerusalem that they needed to turn back to God.  End their wicked ways and do what God wanted.  They would have none of it!

It is easy to under-size God.  We hear of an evil going on and we give it size.  We get caught over-sizing evil.  Understand that an evil can be ominous BUT God is not at a size disadvantage.  He has the force/forces to resist evil.

In the case of Jerusalem, however, His patience had ended.  They were incorrigibly evil.

Note the power of God: He was going to punish a city.

God will never be overwhelmed by evil.  In some situations, He used unlikely folks to do His bidding.  Godless Nebuchadnezzar would be delivering the punishment to Jerusalem.  There are other OT stories in which His angels came into the midst of armies and slaughtered enemies.  God is well suited to handle evil.

My role is to trust Him.  To realize that troubles I envision may overwhelm me but not Him.  If I am doing His will I can be certain that approaching enemies will be doing His will as well……..whether they realize it or not.

“Lord, forgive me for trusting me to handle difficulties.  That always gets me doing things wrong in Your sight.  I need You in all circumstances.  I thank You for being in me.  For being my companion.  Help me to live out the love for You that I claim to have.  I must get this right.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.”

If your God too small?



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