Look in the mirror!

“You have not even conformed to the standards of the nations around you.”  Ezekiel 5:7.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ezekiel 4-7, and Revelation 3.

I wonder if you know any Godly folks who are ungodly.  You better say “Yes,” because you’re one of them and so am I.

I write so often with an “I’ve got it together spiritually,” attitude.  I often think that I have what it takes to draw others to Him.  Full-blown hypocrisy!

How silly of us to believe that it is our behavior that draws people to God.  Of course our behavior is important but unless you’ve become perfect your behavior often sends a different message.

Do you have trouble sharing what you believe with those who know you best?  Ever wonder why?  It’s because they know the godless side of you.  They know your history and they know your present.  They know what you say and they know what you do.

So many rising churches collapse because they are built around the behavior of people that go there.  When the sins of the Godly come to light, people are turned off.  And they should be.

What is it that draws people to a relationship with God?  It is NOT our behavior.  It is God’s behavior!  God is perfect in every way and despite knowing our imperfections still loves us.  That love is clearly illustrated by the love God and His Son Jesus showed when they removed from us the weight of sins past/present/future.  That’s a done deal.  That’s unprecedented behavior.  That’s Godliness.

Today’s verse hits me directly because I continue to struggle with being Godly in the midst of those closest to me.  I keep messing it up.  The most important takeaway for me is that I will always be a sinner. Therefore, I must be ready and willing to own up (quickly) to the missteps I continue to make and pray for His strength to help me lessen their numbers.  Add that to my daily behavior and maybe, just maybe, those in my midst will more accurately notice Godliness in my life.

“Lord, You are God.  I fail so often trying to do what You want.  I am so often no different from the godless yet I want to be Godly.  Help me, Father, to show You to those in my midst.  Whack me hard when I mess things up so that I will QUICKLY make apologies or corrections or whatever is needed to please You.  Take over my life, I beg!”

God looks at your heart.  Clean that up and Godly behavior will follow.



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