God hears you and me

“You boasted against me and spoke against me without restraint, and I heard it.”  Ezekiel 35:13.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ezekiel 33-35, and Revelation 18.

Can you grasp this?

God hears what everyone says.  How that is possible is well beyond my comprehension.

God is beyond my imagination.  He is large but He also is small.  My words, out of the unnumbered words said today, are heard specifically by Him.

In Ezekiel 35, Edom is being reminded that what they said about God would now lead to their demise.  God heard them and now trouble would come their way.

It is easy for me to envision the fate of the well-known evil-doers in the world.  They will pay for what they have done in their disobedience to what God wanted them to do.  They didn’t care what God wanted and they did whatever suited them.  Bad things are in their future sooner or later unless they repent.

However, I need to see these verses in how they apply to me.  If I stop long enough to realize that my every word is heard by Him, I am instantly troubled.  Why?  Because all my words are not pleasing to Him.  God knows what I mean by what I say.  He knows how my words would be hurtful to others who aren’t present to hear what I say about them to others.

I must have a better sense of what I say.  I must realize that God is with me and hears everything!  I can’t badger those in my midst and assume it was minor.  God hears.  I must be quick to ask Him for forgiveness.  I must be quick to ask those in my midst for forgiveness.  To do otherwise is to indicate that I am unaware that He hears. I know better.

“Lord, when I’m praying I’m glad to know that You hear me.  When I’m saying things I shouldn’t, I often forget that You are there to hear that as well.  Forgive me of my sin.  I love You.  I want to live clean before You.  Help me, Father, I beg.”

How will I talk if I know that God hears every word?  Answer for me would be, “Differently!”


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