He knows what he’s talking about

“They were amazed at his teaching, because his words had authority.”  Luke 4:32.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Daniel 7-8, Psalm 137, and Luke 4.

Does anybody pay attention to what you say?

The way that our words are received is directly connected to how we present them.

I mention often the need to share what I believe with others, especially family and those in my midst.  It doesn’t go so well most of the time.  Why?

If my words come from a Spirit-filled heart, then they will be what God wants them to be.  I must understand that even His Words were not always well received.  His Words can lead to trouble.  They may cause separation.  HOWEVER, if they are God’s Words, then He will take care of what becomes of them.

I continue to think that I do not know enough about God.  The more I read/study the Bible the more I realize my limitations.  But, as usual, I miss the point: I must function under God’s authority.  If I am trying to gear up so that I can sound like an authority, then I am wasting my time.  My role must be to speak His Words to those in my midst.  Let Him take care of the rest.

I enjoy it when Scripture comes to mind relevant to a sermon or a situation.  To me, that is the road to thinking/speaking with His authority.  The years of reading His Word have led to some appropriate knowledge getting into my heart.

I must continue to seek Him in a way that fills me with Him.  This is 24/7 stuff.  How easily I slide away from that commitment!  How I need Him.

“Lord, You are the number one authority.  I seek after You.  I want a full-time life in You.  I will never be able to verbally rightly represent You without a solid relationship with You.  Forgive me for drifting away from You so regularly.  How I am ever worthy of Your Love is a mystery.  Help me, Lord.  Direct my way, I beg.

Fill yourself with Him and then let His Words flow to those in your midst.


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