Are you really ready to serve Him full-time?

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning…..” Luke 12:35.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Zechariah 4-6, and Luke 12.

I am not letting up on the recent theme of being an active believer.  Way too many moments of passivity in my life.

The Christian life necessitates readiness.  I must not schedule myself into spiritual passivity.  The example of the good Samaritan is an excellent one.  He didn’t leave home planning on helping the injured man but was able to change his plans to accommodate a needy person.

I do not know what will happen today.  I, therefore, must be ready to rightly represent God in the midst of what comes along.  This requires flexibility and I’ve already admitted to my lack in that area.

I have the Holy Spirit within me but I also have the “clutter” that is not Godly.  The Holy Spirit offers to teach me (Luke 12:12) the words I should use.  Why wouldn’t I avail myself of that offer?  Answer: Because other things are interfering and limiting my ability to hear His voice.  Those things must go!

I must actively remove everything that interferes with my relationship to God.  I want to hear His voice clearly.  I want that to lead to His Words being my words.

Living a Godly life is a marathon not a sprint.  It requires endurance.  I must condition my life for the long haul.  “Vacations” from His presence must not happen.  I have to have the 24/7 approach.

The call to action on my part is obvious.  I cannot sit on the sidelines in a state of passivity.  The prepping must go on.

“Lord, I commit to being an active believer.  I want to learn to know Your Ways better.  I must lessen significantly my wasted time.  I cannot slide away from ongoing readiness.  O Lord, flood me with Your insights so that I live right.  I am worthless apart from You.”

Would anyone think that we have sold out to God?


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