God will take you back

“The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.  I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’  BUT the father ……….”  Luke 15:21-22.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: Zechariah 13-14, Psalm 147, and Luke 15.

The son in this story shows the perfect attitude for restoring a relationship that was seriously damaged.

This story might have gone differently if the son had returned home citing a few setbacks and asking to resume being part of the household.

It was the son’s complete desperation that changed things.  He recognized that he has totally messed up.  He recognized that his father owed him zip.

BUT the father.  Remarkably, the father deleted all the son’s waywardness from his thinking and rejoiced that the son was back with him. What a parable of how God loves His own!

We are instinctively wayward whether we realize it or not.  So many of us even act like the big brother insulted that the wayward give God joy more than we do.

I take note of the son’s attitude in his conversation with his father.  I need to realize that I am often that prodigal son squandering God’s gifts and wasting time on folly.  How can I approach a holy God with anything but a sense of worthlessness?

I can be thankful that God knows my heart.  He knows how highly I value myself and He knows what I mean when I pray to Him.  Am I truly repentant?  He knows.

“Lord, I am an undeserving sinner.  I am constantly straying away from you. I try to find, what only You can give, in other things.  Forgive me for my waywardness.  I know that You promise to forgive if I will confess.  Thank You for that amazing promise.  I love You, Father.”

We are the prodigal believer all the time.  Will we repent frequently and restore our relationship to Him or stay with the pigs?



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