Barack Obama is NOT in control

“But the eye of their God was watching over the elders of the Jews, and they were not stopped…..” Ezra 5:5.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ezra 5-6, Psalm 138, and Luke 16.

How few of us understand the Big Picture.

We clearly see what is going on in our midst…….but do we?

Today’s verse is connected to a story about the Jews starting to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  There are outsiders who want to stop them, BUT God.

God is in charge of what is going on.  Somehow there is free will combined with the reality that God knows what will and won’t happen.  I do not have the mental capacity to understand it but I believe it!

God wants something done (rebuild the temple) and nothing will keep it from happening.

I still marvel at God “moving” the heart of King Cyrus in Ezra 1:1.  Cyrus has no reason to favor the Jews but God saw to it that he did.

In our day we have so many authorities acting as if they are in control.  I hear politicians say that they will do this and they will do that.  I listen with Cyrus in mind.  Everyone will do what God wants whether they decide to or not.  God “used” Pharaoh to punish the Hebrews.  He used Nebuchadnezzar that way as well.  So not all the godless folks will be used to do what we think of as good.  In the case of the temple in Jerusalem, Cyrus was used by God to assure that something that was good (for the Jews) was done.

How does this impact today’s living?  I can be assured that whatever happens, God knows about it.  I can be assured that He will do what is best for His interests which we are assured is the ultimate Good.

I must be willing to rightly represent Him in my midst.  He’s watching me!  I must seek His will and when I find it, get on with it with passion.

“Lord, You are above all, yet You love me.  That alone is mind boggling!  Why are You that way?  I am the beneficiary of Your love.  Thank You, Father.”

We can make choices but God’s plan is what will actually take place.


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