He is always with you

“Though we are slaves, our God has not forsaken us in our bondage.” Ezra 9:9.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ezra 9-10, Psalm 131, and Luke 21.

I am amazed by Ezra.  He is role-model material of the highest order.

Yesterday, we learned how he backed up his sense of God’s greatness with action.  He refused to ask King Artaxerxes for travel protection because God would take care of them.

Today, Ezra declares that God is with them even though they are slaves.

How often do we whine about our circumstances?  We determine what is best for us and complain when God isn’t up to (our) speed.

BUT Ezra is content in circumstances that weren’t pleasant because he knew that God was with him.

There is plenty of Scripture about rejoicing.  Not all of it is about rejoicing when things are going good.

There is a belief that when things are good then God is blessing us.  When they’re bad, then God is not with us.  Not according to Ezra.  God is ALWAYS with those who trust Him.

Anyone can trust God in the so-called good times.  There are so many believers in situations that are tough.  I think of those affected by Hurricane Matthew.  God is not in our material trappings.  They’re terminal and sometimes that termination comes when we don’t expect it.  BUT God is with us no matter what!

“Lord, thank You for Ezra’s terrific examples of how a believer must live.  You are always with me.  Help me to remember that in the good and no-so-good times.  I love You, Father.”

God is ALWAYS with those who love Him.


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