Act on what He’s taught you

“He said to them, ‘How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken!’” Luke 24:25.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Nehemiah 5-6, Psalm 146, and Luke 24.

This is Jesus talking after His resurrection.

There is plenty of Scripture where God disables people so that they don’t say or do certain things.  This passage is not like that.

The men Jesus is talking to have no obstacles to understanding other than their own foolishness.  They should know better but don’t.

I am quite certain that there is some Scripture my mind can’t understand.  However, there are plenty of Scriptures that are very clear to me in their meaning.

My task is to get on with the Scripture I understand.  Do what I know as unto Him.

In my regular reading of Scripture there is an overall pattern of right and wrong.  It fits together.  I must be careful not to try to make the Scripture fit my agendas, on the other hand I must dig into it with a passion that will give me the divine guidance I need.

The men Jesus talked to were “acquainted” with the Old Testament.  They needed to turn their “acquaintance” into reality.  Jesus had done what the Old Testament recorded that He would do.  They needed to see the connection.

“Lord, open me up to You.  Enable me to see You clearly.  Help me to note carefully Your specific truths and live accordingly.  I thank You that the Bible is filled with characters who have flaws like we have.  We can learn from them and that is good.  I love You, Father.”

Don’t drown in what you don’t know.  Run with what God has enlightened you with.


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