“Get going, would you!”

“But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go!’”  Acts 9:15.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Job 3-4, and Acts 8-9.

Ananias is a Godly follower.

God appears to Ananias in a vision and gives him instructions for a specific task He wants done.

What does Ananias do?  He quibbles and questions.  He sees things through his own mind, not God’s mind.

Ananias overstates the risk and minimizes Who is sending him on an errand.

God is NOT pleased with Ananias’ response.  That exclamation point in verse 15 almost certainly indicates a volume change.  Think of the times we’ve done the same thing with our children when they quibble and question our instructions.

God’s way is the right way.  He knows what is right (for us) and will empower us to do His will.

How sinful of us to serve Him less than wholeheartedly.

A common theme lately for me is the need to carry out the obvious.  In most cases I know what I should do or not do.  I need to actively pursue that stuff.

“Lord, forgive me for quibbling over what I should be doing.  Much of it is obvious.  I need to get after it.  Forgive me for missing what is going on in my midst and the needs I can meet there.  Overwhelm me with Your presence, I beg.  Guide me in my midst.  Open my senses to what needs doing here and prod me to get after it.  How You can love me is a mystery but indeed a fact.  Thank You, Lord.”

Does God have to raise His voice to get your attention?  He did with Ananias.






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