Can God’s Word be stopped from spreading?

“But the word of God continued to spread and flourish.”  Acts 12:24.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Job 6-8, and Acts 12.

There was opposition BUT the word of God kept going out.  And not only was it heard but it was accepted as truth.

Remember in the New Testament where Jesus returned to Nazareth and things didn’t go well there.  We can’t be sure how God will work and where He will work.

The spreading will be done at His pleasure.  Our task is to be ready and willing.

How easy it is to “organize” how God will do something.
“This is how He’ll do it,” we project.  Bad approach.  God has a plan.  Our task is to be willing to be part of it no matter what it involves.

I am aware of many unbelievers.  I want them to become believers.  I can imagine that if I do this or that, then they will become believers.  Bad approach.  I present the need to God, even though He already knows about it.  I commit myself to be willing to be part of the solution.  I prepare myself by being in right relationship to God and then I see what happens.  I may not even have a role in their becoming believers but instead may impact some other non-believer.  It is all about being ready and being willing.  He will do the heavy lifting!

“Lord, forgive me for assuming a management role is getting Your work done.  I am a servant.  Use me where You choose.  Help me to discern Your Will.  I love You, Father.”

Be ready and willing to spread the Gospel.


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