We know so little

“And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him!” Job 26:14.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Job 26-27, and Mark 15-16.

How right you are, Job!

We think that we know God but there is no way we could.

We see evidences of things that are remarkable and surmise that we’ve gotten the full picture.  How silly of us!

God is beyond what we may even think.  He is flat-out awesome.

Think of things unlimited on earth yet they are limited.  With God, the unlimited is truth just as the eternal is truth when it regards God.

I must never minimize God.  He is never beyond my reach and nothing I face is an obstacle that overwhelms Him.

I must be mindful of His greatness in my midst.  Taking Him for granted is a first sign of aloofness on my part.

“Father, thank You for being in my midst.  Help me to trust You with the sense that You are great because You are.  I cannot rely on myself.  I need You every second.  I surrender to You.  Guide me, oh thou great Jehovah.”

We must never minimize the greatness of God.


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