A loving God

“God sacrificed Jesus on the altar of the world to clear the world of sin.  Having faith in him sets us in the clear.” Romans 3:25.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Romans 1-4.

That is how much God loved us!

A loving God and his loving Song Jesus combined to get our burden of sin lifted.  Not only ours’ but everyone else past and present.

We are completely in the clear.  We have a new life free from sin.  Sin doesn’t control us unless we let it.

This was the most important event of all time.  It happened and the world will never be the same again.

Yet many find this news to be foolish and scandalous.  Like Hiroo Onoda, they choose to fight on in the Philippines despite the news that World War 2 had ended.  Hiroo lasted twenty-nine years before he got it right.  Sadly, many in our world have rejected the Good News for longer than that.

I continue to think that only God can bring light to those who refuse to believe.  Some of them will accept the Good News out of need.  They’re desperate for something and the Good News suddenly appeals to them.

Many in my midst are not desperate.  They feel safe in what they have.  Only God can trigger a need in a satisfied heart.  My task is to intercede for them that God would open their hearts to Him.

“Lord, oh how You loved us.  We deserve judgment as sinners but Your love provided a way out.  You the Judge took the judgment we deserved.  What a Saviour!”

Believe the Good News.  You’ll never be the same again!



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