What is a hard teaching for you?

“’This is a hard teaching.  Who can accept it?’” John 6:60.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: John 5-6.

Boy, is life fun when everyone agrees with me!  No hassles.  No cross words.

But that is not reality, is it.  There are times when the going gets rough.

Today’s verse is part of a rough patch.  Jesus is telling His listeners about eating his body and drinking his blood.  What could that mean?  Many of His so-called followers were offended and headed home.

How like us.  How often do we take our ball and go home?  I won’t put up with that!

The teachings in the Bible can be tough.  We don’t instinctively want to love our enemies.  We want teaching that will allow us to be comfortable.

Many in our day are turned off by the teachings of the Bible.  Why?  Because they find things taught that are “hard” to obey.

I must be prepared to react the “hard” teachings” of the Bible in a Godly fashion.  I recently got into trouble at work because they didn’t like my behavior.  They had it right.  I had it wrong.  A Godly reaction would have prevented me from going to where things went.  That was a “hard teaching” for me to receive BUT I deserved it and must be a Godly reactor in the future.

“Lord, Your Way is the best way.  Forgive me for living a life that misrepresents my relationship to You.  I love You.  I want to please You in every situation whether it is acting or reacting.  I am desperate for You.  Help me, I beg.”

How should we react to hard teaching?  “You have the words of eternal life.” – Peter’s response to Jesus in John 6:69.


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