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called-to-prayera-12-month-guide-to-better-prayerToday I read Revelation 10-14.

I did not find a verse or verses from today’s reading that I felt comfortable writing about.  Revelation is a great mystery to me.  I know some who insist that they’ve figured it out.  They’ll say, “This means this and that means that.”  Maybe to them it does, but not to me.  I prayerfully and faithfully read it annually at the end of December and have yet to have a good understanding of it.

Therefore, I decided to write about two books I purchased this past week.

The first is “Called to Pray,” by Linda Evans Shepherd.  I read this book in two days.  Trust me on this, it had to be very good for that to happen!

This is a book of examples of answering the call to pray.  It resonated with me because it involved people praying for others for reasons unknown to them.  They just felt a need to pray.  The stories in Linda Shepherd’s book involve praying for specific people.

This book includes the rest of the story.  We find out what was going on in the lives of those prayed for and how God stepped in BECAUSE of the prayers of others.

I felt a strong compulsion to pray for others after reading the book.  When God brings someone to my attention I need to realize that it is God’s way of getting my attention to do something.  Someone is in need.  My prayers can be used to meet a need.  Will I do my part?

The other book is called, “A 12-Month Guide to BETTER PRAYER.”  This book is intended to be read a chapter at a time each day of the month.  Chapter 1 will, therefore, be read thirty-one times as will the other chapters depending on the length of the month.

After a brief scanning at the place of purchase, I could see that there were insights to prayer that would be helpful to me.  I plan to read this book each day, Lord willing.

The chapter selections are by the following authors; E.M.Bounds, Charles Spurgeon, Francois Fenelon, Matthew Henry, Andrew Murray, R.A. Torrey, and George Whitfield.

“Lord, there is no substitute for Your Word.  I love Your Word.  I thank You that You have given folks on earth the abilities to write about You and help us to understand You better.  Continue to bless my Bible reading and lead me into Your Truths.  I love You, Father.”

Anyone out there have a good Christian book to recommend?  I am interested.hw1229




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