God has not died and left you boss!

“From the Lord comes deliverance.   May your blessing be on your people.”  Psalm 3:8.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 18-19, Psalm 3, and Luke 7.

We are not calling the shots.

We think that we are in control but we really aren’t.

Why is it snowing now?  I would have wanted something else.  But God, the Master of the Big Picture, has brought snow to where I live.

I have access to God via prayer.  God hears my prayer.  My prayer can move the Hand of God.

I could pray that the snow would end and it would be 75 degrees and sunny.  That would be a foolish prayer.  I need the Mind of God when I pray.  My prayers are to be “according to His Will.”

If God has chosen to put snow where I live, then I must react accordingly.  Are there preparations and precautions that come to mind?

If I am tight with God, I will be constantly conversing with Him.  I will thank Him for what He has given me.  I will ask Him what I should be doing about this-or-that.

I must never try to function apart from Him.  I must ask Him to bless me as I represent Him this day.  I must ask Him to get my attention when I am straying from Him.  He’s only a prayer away!

“Lord, thank You for the good news in today’s verse: my deliverances and blessings come from You.  You are a great God.  You are in charge.  Help me to act accordingly, this day.”

God has not died and you are not boss.



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