Nothing is hidden

“Jesus knew their thoughts …….” Luke 11:17.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 27-28, Psalm 4, and Luke 11.

How often we under-estimate God.

We see Him as distant from us.  Someone Who has a lot going on.  We see Him as unaware of us.

Then a verse like today’s comes along.  God knows my thoughts.

What a scary thought!  God knows what I’m thinking.  He hears what I’m saying and knows why I’m saying it.  I am an open book before Him.

It is discouraging to think that He hears what I say and that my “upset” words reach His ears.

But even when my words are good, He doesn’t miss the intention.  He knows my foundations.

How can I live as I should?  There is no room for deviation.  My life must be perfect……….but it often isn’t.

My life must be tight to Him.  I cannot roam into independent thinking.  He must be in my thoughts.

How is this going to be possible?  He must be overrunning my life!

I must frequently check where I am in relation to Him.  Am I acting as if He is in my midst?  If I am tuned in to that aspect, I will lessen my wandering from Him in thought, word, and deed.

“Lord, Your presence is what I want.  The thing is, You are already with me.  My problem is not acting accordingly.  I act as if You are elsewhere.  I think as if I believe that You are unaware of my thoughts.  Forgive me for under-estimating Your marvelous presence.  I am glad that I have You in my life.  Overrun me, I beg.”

God knows EVERYTHING about you…………act accordingly.


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