He’s got this

“But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”  Luke 12:31.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 29-30, and Luke 12.

No, this is not a call to hang around meditating!

God knows my needs.  He also knows how to provide for those needs.

God involves me in this process.  How?  My task is do everything He wants me to do.

If I am driven to do what He wants me to do, then He will enable me to have what I really need.

This is not easy because we generally think that we know what we need.  We want to chase our preferences.  We assume that our preferences and His preferences are the same.  They often aren’t!

My day must start with giving God control of everything I do that day.  I must be willing to do what He wants.  I must be in contact with Him throughout the day to catch any of His “updates.”

My worrying will cease if I trust Him instead of me.

“Lord, You are promising to take care of me.  You are asking me to seek Your Ways for my life.  Help me to do my part of the deal.  I trust You for Your part.  I love You, Father.”

Please do not try to run your own life.



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