Moses lost his cool and paid the price

“He and Aaron gathered the assembly together in front of the rock and Moses said to them, ‘Listen, you rebels, must we bring you water out of this rock?’  Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff.  Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank.” Numbers 20:10-11.

“But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.’”  Numbers 20:12.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 19-20, Psalm 28, and Mark 5.

God told Moses to do something.  Moses did it but with an outspoken disrespectful attitude.

The job of Moses was to transfer God’s commands to the Israelites.  Moses was not to be deciding if God’s commands were a good idea or not.  In today’s case, Moses was not happy to strike a rock and give the whining Israelites the water they needed and he let it be known.

I find it interesting that God includes such a story.  Moses was a hero.  One of the all-time greats.  BUT he is just like us.  He makes mistakes.  He behaves regrettably.  Inclusion of this story gives hope for all of us.  We will never be perfect.  We must not let go of our connection to God.  He loves sinful us.

“Lord, You are an all-inclusive God.  You took sinners, like us, and loved us enough to take care of our sin problem.  You unburdened us of our sins and gave us new life.  Thank You, Father.  I love You, Lord.”

If you’ve ever lost your cool, you have something in common with Moses.


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