Are we living within God’s structure?

“Numbers 28-29”

Chapters taken from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 28-29, and Mark 8.

Easy to skim chapters like this, and often I do.

Today, however, while I was praying, the thought came to me that I was missing something. What was it?  Revealed in chapters such as Numbers 28 and 29 is the point that God is structured.  Not only is He structured but He calls us to be too.

The chapters talk about the structure God wants the Israelites to live under.  When they should do this and how they should do that.

I cannot be loosely attached to God and expect to rightly represent Him.  My attachment to His Will enables be rightly represent Him.  Detached, I am the branch ready to fall off the vine.

The New Testament preaches all sorts of structure for believers.  There are plenty of do’s and plenty of don’ts.  In some cases, the consequences for our behavior are spelled out.

I want my relationship to God to be as close as possible.  I do not want detachment.  Therefore, I must be mindful of living within His structure.

“Lord, You are the Great Designer.  Forgive me for attempting to choose my own ways apart from You.  I repent of that.  Take me over now.  Run my life.  Thank You for Your directions.  I love You, Father.”

We must declare our dependence on God.



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