“Lord, help me to wait.”

“Lord, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God.”  Psalms 38:15.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Deuteronomy 16-18, Psalm 38, and Galatians 2.

Patience is surely a virtue.

Today, in our travels from Connecticut to St. Lucia there was all sorts of waiting.  Checking in at Newark (NJ) and St. Lucia required patience.  You’re tired, hot, and just want to get to the vacation spot.

I am not naturally patience.  That is a product of my ever-going struggle with selfishness.  For years, I was “sure” that the earth revolved around me!

I must ditch that approach when it comes to God.  He is in charge.  He calls the shot.  I do the waiting.

When I first made a full commitment to God, my intentions were good.  Living it out has often been a struggle.

But I must wait on God.  God is God.  He knows best.  I will never regret waiting on Him.

God will answer my prayers.  I must realize that His terms are not revealed to me.  My goal must be to be so aligned with Him that my asking is appropriate.

“Lord, You are a great God.  Forgive me for relying on me at Your expense.  I need You.  There is no other One.  There must be no other way.  Thank You for hearing my prayers.  Thank You for answering them appropriately.”

Waiting for God to direct us is essential.




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