How to gain separation from God

“’Saul has gone to Carmel.  There he has set up a monument in his own honor….’”  1 Samuel 15:12.

“’But I (Saul) did obey the Lord,’” Saul said.” 1 Samuel 15:20.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: 1 Samuel 15-16, 1 Chronicles 5, and Matthew 1.

The Bible is replete with role models of all shades.

Saul displays the traits of a bad role model.  It is a helpful section of Scripture because we learn what we should NOT be doing.

Saul had success in battle and came away with the misguided notion that it was of his doing.  To confirm his lack of wisdom, Saul sets up a monument to honor himself.

Instantly I think of Nebuchadnezzar.  One minute he is marveling at his accomplishments and not long after that Nebuchadnezzar is grazing.

Saul is not going to graze but he will suffer the consequences of elevating himself to “god” level.

Saul also refuses to take ownership of what he did wrong.  Told to destroy everything, he instead saves the good stuff.

When confronted, does Saul admit his mistake?  No way.  He tries two familiar excuses: (1) What I did was actually a good thing, and (2) Others made me do it.

It is so easy to wonder how Saul could have exhibited such bad behavior.  However, isn’t he like us?

How often do we “forget” to credit God for His blessings?  Someone praises us and we elevate ourselves, despite knowing that God was clearly in the details and deserved the credit.

How often do we justify our behavior?  We do wrong and present it as presentable.  I took something that didn’t belong to me but no one really wanted it.

How often do we blame others for our behavior?  If I had a more understanding family or boss I would be better behaved.

All of this connects to getting our relationship to God right.  If we really love God we will aggressively seek to know His Will, and when we know His Will we will carry it out to the letter.

Samuel told Saul what was to be done so Saul knew what he was to do.  His issue was the second part; Saul did it his way instead of God’s way.

We must examine our own lives and take notice of where we are messing up in the manner that Saul did.  Once detected, we must cry out to God for forgiveness and restoration.

God let go of Saul because of his behavior and moved on to David.  We must not allow that to happen to us!

“Lord, You know us, yet love us.  We are unworthy.  Forgive us.  Restore us.  Teach us Your Will and empower us to do Your Will this day.  We love You, Father.”

It is instructional to know how Saul became separated from God so that we don’t do the same thing.

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