Are you still trying to help God run things?

“Then the disciples came to him and asked, ‘Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?’”  Matthew 15:12.

“Jesus did not answer a word.  So his disciples came to him and urged him, ‘Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.’” Matthew 15:23.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading:  2 Samuel 3, 1 Chronicle 12, and Matthew 15.

The disciples end up on the wrong end of these two situations.

In the first, the disciples suggest that Jesus is unaware that the Pharisees are upset by what He has been saying.

In the second, the disciples want Jesus to get rid of a persistent Gentile in their midst.

Often, we limit God.  We decide that there are problems that He needs our help in figuring out.  What are we, nuts!

God knows what will happen before it happens.

Jesus knew the Pharisees.  He knew their inconsistencies.  Yes, they would be offended by what He said but they needed to hear it.  The truth would help them (possibly) and the “Pharisees” who would follow them.

In the other story the disciples interrupted the conversation Jesus was having with the Canaanite woman.  She wanted help but Jesus wanted to test her faith in Him.  He said that He was ministering to Jews, not Gentiles.  Undeterred, she asked for whatever He could “spare” to restore her daughter.  The woman’s willingness to accept whatever Jesus would do for her, revealed that she had “great faith” in Him.  Instead of being sent away, her faith should be replicated in all of us.

How I love reading Scripture!  There is so much to be learned.  So many how-to-live truths get revealed.  O that the next step, application, would kick in too.

“Lord, You know what You’re doing.  How often I reveal my misconstrued understanding of You when I begin to suggest what You should do.  I need to trust You with every part of my life.  I need to start all decision-making connected to You.  Forgive me for failing to grasp Who You really are.  I love You, Lord.”

God knows what He is doing, act accordingly.

St. Lucia

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