Putting the cart before the horse

“Amaziah asked the man of God, ‘But what about the hundred talents I paid for these Israelite troops?’  The man of God replied, ‘The Lord can give you much more than that.’”  2 Chronicles 25:9.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Kings 13-14, 2 Chronicles 25, and 2 Timothy 3.

God knows exactly what I need.  I may have ideas but His Way is the best.

Amaziah had just paid big bucks for additional troops.  He now learns that he had been misguided to do that.  Why?  God didn’t need extra troops to accomplish what He wanted to do.

David did a similar thing when he ordered a census be taken.  He wanted to see how strong his forces were.  Forgotten in that process was that David’s best strength came when He trusted God and followed His lead.

How often we act the same way.  We arrange and then invite God along.  That backwards!

I must trust God to know the best way.  I must seek His Will from the get-go.  I must move forward in such a way that I am checking in with Him each step I take.

Much of what we do in life is wasteful.  Why?  We are doing our own thing.  God watches and wonders, as He often did in the Old Testament, why we are going our own ways.  It was destructive in the OT and it won’t work out for us any better in the present.

“Lord, forgive me for ignoring You.  I want Your Ways to be my ways and yet I lunge forward on my own so often.  That is a mistake.  It wastes time and resources.  Overpower me with Your Holy Spirit.  Guide me, I beg.”

Doing my own thing is not worth a thing!

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