The Lord relented

“Then I cried out, ‘Sovereign Lord, I beg you, stop!  How can Jacob survive?  He is so small.’  So the Lord relented. ‘This will not happen either,’ the Sovereign Lord said.” Amos 7:5-6.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: Amos 7-9, Psalm 104, and Titus 2.

Amos is seeing visions of what God is going to do to Israel and it greatly troubles him.  So what does Amos do?  He cries out to God to NOT do it.

I look at Scripture to find out ways to live a Godly life.  And here in today’s verses I find exactly what I’m looking for.

God is open for my interactions with Him.  He listens.

Amos sees what God is about to and it bothers him.  There continues to be a situation in the church I attend in which a six-year-old has stage 4 cancer.  I, among many in the church family, are troubled by the young girl’s condition and where it may be leading.

Amos cries out to God and tells Him that what He is about to do is too much to bear.  I can cry out in the same manner that the young girl’s condition is too much for the young girl, her immediate family, and the church family to bear.

Amos tells God directly to stop what is going on.  I can pray that God end the young girl’s condition.

The interaction of Amos with God led to God relenting on what He had planned to do.  If that procedure worked for Amos, why wouldn’t it work in the case of the young girl with stage 4 cancer?

Another piece of this is that it was the request of someone else that changed things.  It wasn’t necessarily those who were in the bad situation.  That encourages me to intercede to God on the behalf of others.  Intercession works!

We often pray in generalities because we are lazy.  The blind man asked Jesus to have mercy on him.  Jesus ignored that line and asked him what he wanted done for him.  Jesus was reaching for a specific.

I often go the easy way by abdicating what I want with “whatever Your Will is.”  I want that little girl to be rid of the stage 4 cancer.  I know that God can rid her of it.  My prayer, my cry must be, “God, stop that cancer.  God, rid her of that cancer now.”

Amos did just that and God relented.  What more do I need to know?

“Lord, Your Word is amazing.  Fill me with Its truths.  Enable me to live according to Your Word.  You are over all.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.

Amos sets a terrific example for specific intercessory prayer.  Will we do likewise?

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