Can God get me out of the mess I’m in?

“Yet I will show love to Judah; and I will save them – not by bow, sword or battle, or by horses and horsemen, but I, the Lord their God, will save them.”  Hosea 1:7.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Kings 15-16, Hosea 1, and Hebrews 1.

God doesn’t need numbers to win battles.

We are often tempted to see ourselves apart from God and drown in fear for what is ahead.

“How will I deal with this?” we cry.  The problem is obvious: the “I” in the question.

I must present my life to God.  This is a complete thing not a situational thing.

I mentioned yesterday that I am exceedingly aware of my own inconsistent spiritual life.  My actual attachment to God is often questionable.  I will do/say things and wonder instantly why a Godly person could go there.  I am guessing that many have the same struggle: we just aren’t firmly attached full-time to God.   And it is a shame because it leads to such an erratic existence.

I must think about God in EVERYTHING I do.  That part-time approach is doing me in! Am I willing to fully trust God to run my life?

“Lord, I need You in charge of me every second.  Forgive me for the faulty approach to our relationship.  The inconsistencies are stacking up.  I want it to stop.  Take me over now, I beg.”

God can get me out of the mess I’m in……………in His Own Way.


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