Look what I’ve done

“For he says, ‘By the strength of my hand I have done this, and by my wisdom, because I have understanding.’”  Isaiah 10:13.

Don’t you just dislike people like this!

All they do is brag.  They can’t resist calling attention to themselves.

Assyria is “talking” this way in today’s verse.  They have been successful militarily and now they’re chasing credit for it.  The Assyrians have no clue that God enabled them.

I have played/watched enough sports to know that those who are successful have had plenty of help to become successful.  I cringe at the antics of touchdown scorers in the NFL who, by their behavior, indicate that they have soloed their way to the end zone.  No quarterback involved.  No blocking.  No play calling.  Just them……….how insulting.

We owe everything to God.  We are never in a position in which we did anything successfully without Him.  He gives us the energy.  The opportunity.  The help we needed.

God notices what we do.  We don’t need an earthly audience from which to get accolades.  Those who praise us must be informed that God was pulling the strings behind the scenes and that we are grateful to Him.

When I surrender my will to Him, then I will want to do what He wants me to do.  He will give me directions for proceeding.  He will give me the energy to do the task.  My indebtedness to Him must be obvious to me so that I will act accordingly.

“Lord, You have given me this opportunity to write about Scripture.  You have given me a working computer and time to reflect on Your marvelous Word.  I owe You everything.  You have given me a new life unburdened by the consequences of my sins.  You are great.  I love You, Father.”

Every good gift and perfect gift comes from where?

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