I want to know about God

“They said, ‘Rabbi’ (which means ‘Teacher’), ‘where are you staying?’  ‘Come,’ he replied, ‘and you will see.’  So they went and saw where he was staying and they spent that day with him.”  John 1:38-39.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: Isaiah 60-62, and John 1.

How badly do we want to know God?

Our behavior in that regard will supply answers.  We can hear about Him, have our interest piqued, and then go about our regular activities.  I fear that many follow that road.

The two disciples (Andrew and John) in today’s verses went further in their pursuit of Jesus.  Their curiosity about Him was clearly aroused BUT they didn’t leave it there and move on.  They wanted to know Him better. What did they do about it?  They wanted to spend time with Him.

Another piece here is that once they knew where He was staying, they decided to spend time with Him there.

We know where God is but do we intentionally choose to recognize that fact?  How tragic for us to know His whereabouts and act as if He is elsewhere!

Believers are blessed to have the Holy Spirit within them.  We know where He is!  Our task is to maximize His presence.  Part of that is to act as if He is in us……..because He is.

My interactions with Him can be continual because He is where I am.  I can ask Him things.  I can praise Him for things.  I can stay where He’s staying, as the two disciples did.

“Lord, I seek Your presence and thank You that You are within me.  Forgive me for living as if You are elsewhere.  You are truly in my midst!  I ask for Your guidance in this day ahead.  Lead me to where You want me to be.  Prick my conscience when I am off Your course.  I need You.  I want to follow You everywhere and get to know You better.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.”

God is within believers.  Will we act accordingly?

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