Does God trust you?

“But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.  He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.”  John 2:24-25.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading:  Isaiah 63-64, Psalm 107, and John 2.

People were flocking to Jesus and believing in Him.

But He wasn’t impressed by them.  Why?  He knew how shallow their belief was.

Today’s situation reminds me of the different levels of believing something.  I believe that the house is on fire.  However, if I take no action, do I really believe that the house is on fire?

When I write about the Gospel, I try to follow the explanation of the Gospel with the need to “act accordingly.”  If I truly believe that God/Jesus has lifted my sin load from me, I will indeed be a different person thereafter.  Why?  Because my sins are gone and my stand before God on Judgment Day will end well.

I have used Hiroo Onaka before.  He was the Japanese soldier, who was sent to the Philippines during World War 2 to fight there.  During his stay in the jungles of the Philippines, the war ended.  He didn’t know about it.  Later, when folks tried to inform him that the war was over he refused to believe them.  Twenty-some years later the Japanese government got Hiroo’s commanding officer to go to the Philippines and take Hiroo’s sword so that Hiroo would officially stop fighting.  Once Hiroo believed that the war was over, he acted accordingly and returned home to Japan.

As a believer, I must act accordingly.  God can see through me.  My talk of being a believer is merely talk unless I am acting as a believer.

I have really struggled lately with the thought that I have family members who are not believers.  There’s no way they can “act accordingly.”  So who should be the “act accordingly” person?  I should!  And how am I acting accordingly in their behalves?

When the blind man asked Jesus for mercy, the Lord asked him what he wanted.  God deals in specifics.  What do I want for my unbelieving family members?  I want them to hear the Gospel, believe it, and act accordingly.  Will I settle for one out of three?  That’s what’s been going on from my side of things.  And it’s wrong.

“Lord, penetrating verses today.  You know phonies.  You know true believers by their “act accordinglys.”  Move me off the chair and into Godly action.  Push me, Father.  I am complacent.  Help me, Father, I beg.”

Can God really trust you and I to act as His followers?

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