“Do you remember the time He …… ?”

“Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Jeremiah 45-47, Psalm 105, and John 21.

To think that Jesus did nothing beyond what is written in the Bible is pure folly.

John, suggests, in today’s verse that there was plenty more that could have been told.

When will we hear those stories?  I imagine in the next life there will be time to hear the stories of what God/Jesus did.  I’m hoping we’ll see the “replays.”  What glorious times those will be!

I grew up in a church where the weekly prayer meeting usually involved testimonies.  The meetings were weekly and as I now think about it there should have been plenty of material available for each attendee to present.

But if we’re not paying attention, we lose track of God “in our midst.”  I drove today on a road where cars/trucks were traveling 70-80 MPH in tight quarters.  No accidents.  That is God in the details.  The recollections of just today provide many God-interventions that were noteworthy.

Jesus was involved with crowds.  So much happened within them.  Just imagine the reaction in the families of those healed.  Not much is recorded about that.

I like stories and I’m looking forward to hearing believers, past and present, sharing what God/Jesus did for them.  There surely are endless numbers of sharings ready to be given.  What a day that will be!

“I am so limited by earthly perceptions.  You have impacted millions of lives including mine.  Help me to see the many ways You impact in my life each day.  To take note of Your grace to me.  I deserve nothing.  I am totally indebted to You.  You have endlessly blessed me. I love You, Lord.”

There is no way you and I can imagine the quantity of other things Jesus did beyond what is recorded in the Bible.


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