In what do we trust?

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.”  Psalm 118:8.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Jeremiah 21, 24, 27, and Psalm 118, and 1 John 2.

How nerve-wracking this world is.

Even something like today’s eclipse throw’s folks into a scare.

When evidence is displayed that shows that the universe is beyond our control, we get anxious.

It is probably a good thing because “Who’s in control?” is a great question.  God is in control.  He was the Creator and the universe works on His whim.

Humans are not in charge of the universe.  We are here on borrowed time.  We are terminal.  Our days are in His hands.

I must remember that God knows best.  I must be consulting Him for guidance.  I must be willing to change course in an instant.  I must be willing to stay the course if I must.  I can’t consult Him occasionally and stay on course.  Too many twists and turns.

I am easily worried by things and that’s a good thing.  Why?  Because those worries alert me that I have taken my eyes off God and onto something else to take refuge in.  I quickly learn that the other refuges are inadequate.  But glory to Him, I have God to turn to.  How comforting that He knows what’s best for me and will lead me.

“How blessed I am, Father, to have You as my Savior.  The comfort is palatable.  Forgive me for chasing counterfeit gods.  They are worthless and remind me of the folly found frequently in the Old Testament.  You were angry when Your people choose alternatives rather than You for guidance.  Forgive me for ever going there.  I love You too much to persist at it.  You are my One and only God.  Hallelujah!”

Is God at the top of your “trust” list?


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