Help me, God!

“Then the Spirit of the Lord came on me, and he told me to say:…”  Ezekiel 11:5.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ezekiel 8-11, and Revelation 4.

Isn’t that the way believers want it to be?

The “Spirit of the Lord” telling us what to say.

When I became of believer in what God through Jesus had done for me, I received a new spirit, His.  I became a new person (free from sin’s burden) with all the rights and privileges therein.

I want to live rightly representing Him in the now through the end of my life on earth.

BUT how often I act as someone without His Spirit working in me!  I betray our relationship.  I function as if He didn’t exist.

I want His Words passing my lips.  I know that He is aware of what I say.  What I want is an assurance that the words I will be using will be His Words.  How is that done?  I must have a relationship with Him that is full-time.  There cannot be any “down” time.  The relationship must be never-ending.  Less than that brings a bad ride on the slippery slope to godlessness.

“Lord, I beg to have Your Words only.  My words are folly.  My words are insulting.  Forgive me for ever imagining that I can manufacture Godly Words on my own.  Too much history to assure the foolishness of such thinking.  I love You, Father.  I praise You.  Guide me, O thou Great Jehovah.”

Do our words sound as if they came from God or we made them up on our own?

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