Facing Hurricane Irma

Obeying God when it suits me

“Whether it is favorable or unfavorable, we will obey the Lord our God.”  Jeremiah 42:6.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Jeremiah 42-44, Psalm 48, and Revelation 13.

Wow, does that sound good!  Whatever the choice we are all in on it.

But reality was a different story.  The choices were to turn themselves over to the Babylonians or flee to Egypt.

Jeremiah returned with God’s answer: turn themselves over to the Babylonians.

This wasn’t the choice that those in Jerusalem wanted, so they reneged on their “we will obey whatever” declaration.

When God closes a door in our lives, do we get angry with Him?  Do we assume that He doesn’t care?  Do we avoid His company thereafter?  Too often we do, don’t we?

God is in ultimate charge.  He has the Master plan.  Our task is to be sure that we are doing what He wants us to do.

In the midst of the threat of Hurricane Irma, what are the Godly to do?  Use the wisdom that God gives.  Seek His directions.  Be prepared to help others.  Know that God knows about our predicament.  Know that He loves them.  Know that others are interceding before God on their behalf.

Limiting our association with God to good times is a sure sign of a misguided relationship with Him.  He is the God for all seasons.

“Lord, I stand in the gap for the folks in the path of Hurricane Irma.  Spare them, I beg.  Comfort them, I beg.  Empower them to trust You.  You are ultimately in charge of the weather.  You are my God, the God of all seasons.”

Is your God bigger than Hurricane Irma?

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