I don’t get it

Today’s Bible reading was Ezekiel 42-44 and Revelation 22.

In the past, I have always pulled a verse(s) out of the section I’m reading.  Not today.

I challenge you to read today’s passages.  I left them wondering what they are all about.

What period of time are they referring to?  What points are they trying to make?  I drew a blank.

There will be an ending when Jesus returns.  Revelation 22 mentioned that there will be no more night.  Our time will be spent worshipping God and for good reason.

I think that in the next life we will understand better.  I think that I have so much clutter in my head that sometimes God’s truths pass by me.

I had a distracting day today.   I couldn’t concentrate on the Word as I usually do and I missed what was in His Word for me today.  Sad.

I cannot loosen my relationship to God.  If circumstances bring me in that direction then I need to alter the circumstances accordingly.

God is too important to me.  I will not slide away from Him.

“Lord, forgive me for missing what You had for me in today’s verses.  I recognize that I was out of tune with You.  That can’t be.  I love You and want to know everything about You.  Open my heart.  Fill me with You, I plead.  I love You, Father.”

I must be tuned into God to understand His Word.

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