God doesn’t listen to the proud

“He does not answer when people cry out because of the arrogance of the wicked.  Indeed, God does not listen to their empty plea; the Almighty pays no attention to it.” Job 35:12-13.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading; Job 35-36, and I Corinthians 7-8.

Job so-called friends continue to blister him.

It is Job’s arrogance, according to Elihu, that is preventing God from listening to him.

Wrong, Elihu!

God always listens to us.  None of us come perfect before Him.

The Pharisees, of the New Testament, saw themselves as good before God.  They had a direct line to God because of the righteous way they lived.  God was aware of their righteous lifestyle and would surely hear them and respond to their requests.

Jesus blistered them for their arrogance.  Those who considered themselves worthy were the most needy.  Those who saw themselves as unworthy of anything from God recognized what their status actually was.

I must approach God mindful that I am still alive because of His mercy.  I am a sinner and always will be one.  God would be perfectly just if a tragedy befell me.

I pray to Him always in need.  I must never be self-sufficient.  I must be fully trusting Him.  There can be no declaring of independence from Him.

“Lord, I thank You that I can always call out to You.  I am needy, and You always know what my actual needs are.  Forgive me for evaluating You from a human standpoint.  Your Ways are best.  Direct me this day, I beg.  Please give me more of those divine appointments.  Take care of Jack.  I love You, Father.”

God ALWAYS hears us no matter how wretched we are.  Feel free to contact Him.


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