Lighten up

“Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” Matthew 5:15.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; Matthew 5-8.

I am at a place (today) where I am struggling.  What’s the issue?  My easy-to-do Christian walk doesn’t easily fit.  There is turmoil.  There is a pace that disrupts my usual routines.  I am out of sorts.

What to do?  Learn from what is happening.  I must be closer to God.  When I get into these situations the first thing I notice is how quickly things fall apart spiritually.  I often imagine myself like the Peter of the Bible, “Everyone may take off, but I’m going nowhere!”  How did that work out?

When my opinion of my relationship to God separates from reality, I am then due for a dose of reality.  And today I have it.  It makes me sad.

I cannot be the Godly center-stage guy in every setting.  This is not church.  God is of secondary importance here.  How do I proceed?  I have a tendency to over-organize.  “I’ll do this, they’ll respond this way.”  Unrealistic.  There is much Scripture about trusting God for words and deeds.  And be ready to be Godly at EVERY turn.  Be able to handle deserved criticism in a Godly way.

Another major need for me is to do what I do for good Godly reasons.  My behavior must have Godly reason to it.  My eating habits (nutritarian diet) come under heavy scrutiny here.  Why am I so inept at defending them?  I could prepare some better defenses.

I have visions of sharing my faith but am I anywhere near capable of doing it?  A lot of inadequacies have shown up today.  But God knows me as a work in progress.  Sometimes the length of the journey ahead is overwhelming.

“Lord, I have always needed You every second.  Today is certainly no exception.  Help me, Father.  I declare my dependence on You now.  Take me over, I plead.  I love You, Lord.”

God must be my God of all seasons.

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