2017 Hope Community Church Christmas Pageant

(Newburyport MA) Today was the annual Hope Community Church Christmas Pageant.

It is always a delight to attend it.  Why? Not because it goes off without a hitch but because it doesn’t.  Kids smile.  Kids wave.  And some kids are overwhelmed by the bright lights and leave in tears.  But the story of the birth of Jesus Christ gets told to church regulars and newbies.

The pageant was written and directed by Allison Ballentine.

Bryon Rivers had the lead role.

Tiffany Vincent and her husband Chad played the parts of Mary and Joseph.  Six-week-old Coen was baby Jesus.

The highlight of the production, for me, was realizing that Ellie Bauer was part of it.  So much has gone on with her and so many prayers have been offered.  Her being there was a special moment.

Angelic Ellie in our midst

Enjoy the pictures.  They will enlarge if you click on them.

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