Follow the Leader

“I pray for them.”  John 17:9.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; John 17-18.

John 17 is a prayer that Jesus offered to God for us.

Let that sink in: Jesus praying for us.

The Scriptures are full of role model material.  Today’s verse is yet another example of it.

I must be in constant contact with God.  It must be an “unceasing” relationship.

How often I separate myself from Him and drift away from Him!  I know better.  I need Him every second.

There are frequent references in the Bible to Jesus taking time to talk to His Father.  Jesus wanted to do what His Father wanted.  I also want to do what God wants, therefore, I must be in constant contact with Him.

This requires discipline.  I like the word “mindful.”  My mind must be “full” of Him.

I have family members who are in frequent social media connection with each other.  The result is that they know almost everything about each other.  I need a similar, ongoing, relationship to God.  I need to tell Him what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, and invite His feedback.

My relationship with God is often of the “snail mail” type: It takes days for the other party to know what is going on in my life.  Often there is no time for input.

“Lord, I rejoice that You pray for me.  You intercede for me before the Father.  Thank You.  I need that desperately.  Help me to follow Your lead and have a direct connection to You that is ongoing.  I need You every second!  I love You, Lord.”

We must follow the Leader.

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