How can I know that God is in me?

“This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.” 1 John 2:5-6.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading; 1 John 1-5.

To know that God is in me, I would have to know how Jesus lived.

After I had studied the life of Jesus, I would have to start mimicking what I learned of Him.

Jesus is complex.  He was unpredictable.  He approached similar situations differently.

How am I going to pull that off?  I cannot lapse into how-it-was-done-before thinking.  Every moment is a divine moment and I MUST aligned with the Divine.

Jesus shared His thoughts with others.  He turned ordinary conversations into enlightening moments.  Think of the woman at the well in Samaria.

I was at a place this afternoon where a cashier asked me a question about a TV series on religions.  She asked if I had seen it.  She concluded from the religious series that all religions are similar.  Not a peep from me!  What would Jesus have done?  I dare say that it would have been different than what I did in that circumstance.

I must be closely connected to Him so that my responses in such situations will be His responses.  My connection to Him is obviously not what it should be.

“Lord, I am loose from You and I don’t like it.  That missed opportunity this afternoon showed me how UNLIKE You I am.  Fill me with You.  Wash out the places in my life that are closed to You.  They must no longer exist.  I love You, Lord.  Enable me to live as You did.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.”

My behavior reveals what I am full of.

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