Preach where you are

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”  Acts 8:4.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Exodus 30-32, and Acts 8.

We’re not talking about the apostles here.

The folks involved in today’s verse were part of the “church” that had developed in Jerusalem since Jesus had died.

They were “regular” people, like you and me.

They had been driven out of Jerusalem by those, like Saul, who were out to get Christians.

But notice what the “scattered” did away from Jerusalem; they preached.

I believe that “preached” means that they told those in their midst about who Jesus was and what Jesus did.  They didn’t need training (seminary?) to do this.  They just shared what they had seen, and knew about, and they did it with passion.

When I leave church on a Sunday morning, I can then consider myself “scattered” to a new setting.  If what went on in church is worthy of passing along, then I must do it.

If I am studying the Bible, why am I not sharing what I’m learning?  I try to do just that with this blog.

I am required by God to rightly represent Him wherever I’m located.  I cannot defer that responsibility to others.  It’s on me.  I must prepare myself to share Him to everyone I meet.  I must know enough so that I can respond intelligently in every situation. Sometimes I won’t know what to say and that, in itself, is an answer.  I’m concerned when I know an opening has arrived and I don’t use it for His glory.

“Lord, I am not in church now.  I am scattered.  My responsibility to rightly represent You is in full play where I’m at.  Take me entirely over so that I will overflow rightly with You.  I am desperate for Your nearness.  Help me, Father.”

Share where you are.  You have a story to tell.

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