Godly zeal

“I was just as zealous for God as any of you are today.”  Acts 22:3.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; Leviticus 25, Psalm 25-26, and Acts 22.

Paul’s audience did not like him.  They wanted to shut him up and maybe worse.  He had hit a nerve!

This is the even-keeled Paul that we don’t read too much about.  He is often portrayed as a strident know-it-all.  Not on this occasion.

The passion and zeal that Paul is facing reminds him of his own past.  In this instance, Paul goes back to his own background to connect himself to the hostile crowd in front of him.

Paul knows all about passion and zeal for God.  He lived it and was good at it.  Now, still armed with that same passion and zeal, he has corrected his path and taken those qualities in a different direction.

If I am an active witness, I will come across, or read about, those who violently disagree with me.  How to respond?  I must be knowledgeable and passionate about what I believe.  The casual, semi-trained believer can do more harm than good.  I must recognize the passion and knowledge of the one I disagree with and commend it.

A soft answer turns away wrath.  Those in disagreement may not change their view but at least one participant in the conversation is avoiding anger.  That needs to be the Godly one.

“Lord, Your Ways are not always my ways.  I want them to be that, however.  I need You running every part of me.  Forgive me for being a passive believer.  How can I so underrate what You have done for me!  You have taken a miserable sinner and made him acceptable to You.  That is the most amazing of amazing graces.  I love You, Lord.”

Do you have Godly zeal?


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