The one and only

“Peter broke in, ‘Master, this is a great moment!  What would you think if I built three memorials here on the mountain – one for you, one for Moses, one for Elijah?’”  Matthew 17:4.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; 2 Samuel 6, 1 Chronicles 13, Psalm 68, and Matthew 17.

God did not care for Peter’s suggestion.  Why?  It elevates Moses and Elijah to equal status with Jesus.

God is a jealous God.  Over and over, especially in the Old Testament, we see His instructions and anger related to His being a jealous God.

Nothing has changed.  He still is jealous.

When we choose to elevate other things to god-status, we disobey the first of the Ten Commandments.

How easy to elevate Him when things are going well.  How easy to lower Him when things aren’t.  When we do that “lowering” thing we reveal the level of our trust in Him.  He must be the God for ALL seasons.

“Lord, redirect me when I opt for counterfeit gods.  I know better.  You are indeed the God for every season.  You are trustworthy.  You have never failed me.  Forgive me for failing You.  Direct my path.  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah this day.”

Are you trusting things other than God?


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