This is why you’re messed up!

“Jesus replied, ‘You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.’” Matthew 22:29.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; 2 Samuel 10, 1 Chronicles 19-20, Psalm 20, and Matthew 22.

How smart are we?

We study the Bible.  We pray.  We go to church regularly.  But we know little.

The folks Jesus is talking to were all of the above, including the last part.  They thought that they knew plenty, but Jesus sees them differently.

The point, for me, is that I must have God’s direction in my life.  I cannot go it alone.  And this applies to everything, including reading/understanding Scripture.

I am reading the Bible regularly and have now done it for over seven years.  What excites me is that, instead of Scripture becoming familiar and been-there-done-it, I regularly find things that I had previously missed.  I pray before I read, and I pray before I write.  I want to “know” the Scriptures and I certainly can’t be in that direction in one swallow!  It takes time and persistence.  Lord, help me!

“Lord, I know that I know little about You.  I beg for insights.  I now call them God-sights because I want to have a clearer view of You every time I read Scripture.  I am weak.  You are strong.  Help me, Father.  Guide me, Father.  I love You, Lord.”

How smart we aren’t when it comes to God things!


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