Works and salvation are not connected

“Now to the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation. However, to the one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness.”  Romans 4:4-5.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading; 2 Chronicles 6-7, Psalm 135, and Romans 4.

Salvation is a GIFT.  I cannot earn it at any level.

If I am earning something, then I have a part in the result.  Salvation omits me from the equation.

I am saved from the consequences of my sins when I transfer my solution trust from wherever I’ve located it, to Him.

When I have made the trust transfer, my behavior will change, BUT that behavioral change is NOT a prerequisite for my being saved from sins’ consequences.

“Lord, I thank You for Romans.  I thank You for “Godsights” that come through reading Your Word.  I need my brain to be filled with Your Thoughts.  Help me to live as You want me to live.  Thanks for taking care of my sin problem.  I trust You, Father.”

Salvation is a gift.  Take it!

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